BF4 Aimbot

Aimbot Download is the only website where you can get the worlds best, undetectable BF4 Aimbot Download (Battlefield 4 Aimbot Download) available for download and use immediately!

Each download for the BF4 Aimbot is listed below along with a full feature list demonstrating the features available, a tutorial detailing how to get the download up and running, and as always, a decent review from the Aimbot Download team!


  • Team ESP – Share the ESP with every other team member – you’ll never lose another game!
  • Punkbuster undetected – Using in-mem DLL injection we ensure this is completely undetectable by Punkbuster
  • Clean Punkbuster Screenshots (No Black Screens)
  • Clean FairFight Screenshots (No Black Screenshots which might get you banned)
  • Ingame Map ESP – shows every enemy on the minimap
  • In-game 3D ESP – shows you every enemy in the 3D world
  • Spotted notification – display a text notification once you’re spotted
  • Box ESP – draws a hitbox around every enemy
  • Visibility Check – hitbox changes colour to red once an enemy can be shot
  • ESP Tags – Shows health, name, distance, etc, etc, all next to the box ESP
  • In-Game GUI – enable or disable features via an in-game menu.
  • Precision Bone Aimbot – auto-aim for the head, legs, torso or arms – or a random combination!
  • Aiming Prediction – aimbot AI learns enemy movement for better accuracy
  • Sniper Rifle Stabilization – removes breathing movement from sniper rifles while aiming


  1. Download and unzip ‘’
  2. Run PRyZMAimbot.exe file
  3. Load up BF4
  4. Press the ‘Delete’ key to load or unload the menu
  5. Use arrow keys in-game to navigate the menu


Where can we even begin describing this. The work done by the PRyZM hacking team on their aimbot here is absolutely astounding. Apparently this was meant to be a private only aimbot but was leaked by one of the PRyZM team after another refused to share tournament prize money with them after they won using the PRyZM aimbot! The feature list is extensive and, according to our tests, 100% working. We’ve also extensively tested the usability of this aimbot and have found that it is completely undetectable – even while being used for multiple games in a row on multiple days for multiple weeks!

A true work of art. Get it, play with it, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!