CS 1.6 Aimbot

Aimbot Download has the top undetectable CS 1.6 Aimbot Download (Counter Strike 1.6 Aimbot Download) in the aimbot scene!

Each download is listed below along with a screenshot of the application, a full feature list showing what it offers, information detailing how to get the download up and running, and of course, a review from the Aimbot Download team!


  • Aimbot (With built in smooth tracking to decrease detectability)
  • ESP (Shows players through walls along with health, ammo, weapon, etc)
  • Weapon, distance, entity (Show weapons through walls along with their distance etc)
  • 6 Different wallhacks (ESP based, wall removal or transparency, take your pick!)
  • White walls (Turns all wall textures to plain white for easier view)
  • Inverted lighting (Turns the dark into light, perfect for dark spots)
  • Wireframe world/models (Changes the world into wireframe mode)
  • Transparent tacticle shield (Makes tacticle shields invisible)
  • Semi transparent entities (Transparancy to look through objects)
  • No flash/smoke (Removes flash and smoke effects)
  • No recoil (Removes the recoil from shooting)


  1. Unzip ‘ABSHack.exe’ from the zip file
  2. Run ‘ABSHack.exe’ and then start CS 1.6
  3. Wait for the loader to close
  4. Play!


When ABSHack was released I must admit our developers were somewhat sceptical, there were already some aimbots out for CS 1.6 and because it’s a fairly old game we figured the cheat detection would be a bit lousy and all the aimbots would perform the same.

Boy were we wrong.

ABSHack performed over the average in every single benchmark we tested it on, all the features executed flawlessly and the account testing ABSHack was still fine after a week of solid testing, all other aimbots got the account banned within a few days meaning that THIS aimbot was something special indeed.

1 minute download, hours of fun, defintely worth the time!