Apex Legends Aimbots

Apex Legends Aimbots is the place to find undetectable cheats for Apex Legends. These Apex Legends aimbots are confirmed working in Season 3 and we have already begun to research new methods to ensure that our aimbots are fully functional for Season 4 also.

All of our aimbots have a huge array of features, which will help you start owning in every single lobby. We also check every single aimbot available on AimbotsDownload to ensure that not only are they working perfectly, but you’ll be safe from all methods of detection.

A free-to-play “battle royale” style game from EA, Apex Legends lets you pick from a growing roster of characters, all with unique strengths and abilities, to team up with your squad and take down the enemy in a huge map – fighting with up to 60 players at the same time. Apex Legends is immensely popular, and operates on a “seasonal” release schedule, to ensure that there is always fresh content to be consumed by hungry gamers.

EA has put a lot of effort into detecting aimbots, but AimbotsDownload has put a lot of effort into fighting the other side of the fight. All aimbots available are checked automatically using statistical sampling methods to ensure that you will remain ban-free even when using the aimbots we have available for download.

Players have been leveraging Apex Legends aimbots since day one, but many aimbots have had serious flaws. In recent months, there have been some significant gains in the cheating methods available which we have ensured are incorporated into every aimbot we have available for download.

Like most aimbots, there are a huge number of features available ranging from ESP and wallhack to auto-aim and smart target selection. These features ensure that you’ll have a wide array of cheats to choose from while you play – perfectly serving your needs.

Apex Legends Aimbot

Our Apex Legends Aimbot features a wide array of cheat technologies including wallhack and chams (shown above) which make your enemies “glow” – even through walls and across the map!

All aimbots for download are simple and built with a user-first methodology, ensuring that you’ll have absolutely no trouble downloading and getting started. Once you’ve downloaded the aimbot, it’s as simple as starting it running and deciding which features you want enabled in your game (for free, of course).

Will these Apex Legends aimbots be detected?

Definitely not. We go to great care using a combination of manual detection and sampling analysis to ensure that all our aimbots remain undetected. We follow the same rigerous standards for all aimbots available on AimbotsDownload (for every game we support) to guarantee that we always have top quality, undetectable, aimbots.
In the event any of our aimbots has an issue, we automatically patch and update our downloads to make sure that you’re always getting the best possible cheats available.

What features does our Apex Legends aimbot have?

In order to ensure that we are offering the best cheats available, there are a number of independent modules in our hacks which work synergistically to provide the best aimbot experience.

To be honest, there are too many features to list, but they include:

  • Chams
    • Glowing team and enemy chams
    • Wallhack capability
  • Aimbot Hack
    • Instant kill shots
    • Dynamic movement prediction
    • Lag compensation
    • Aim and point
    • Aim and kill
    • Automatic visibility checks
    • Multiple target selection
    • Maximum distance settings
  • ESP
    • Player health
    • Player class
    • Player distance
    • Player names
    • Item and Player ESP
    • Bounding box detection

In addition to being as always, completely undetectable.