Call of Duty Black Ops III Aimbot

Our Call Of Duty Black Ops III Aimbot, which features an undetectable aimbot hack and various other cheats, is one of the most popular aimbots available on Aimbot Download.

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Released in 2015 by COD game legends Treyarch (published by Activision), Black Ops III brought a whole host of cheat detection previously unseen in past Call of Duty titles. However, as always, our team worked hard to bring our Call of Duty Black Ops III aimbot to the same high (completely undetectable) standard as the rest of the cheats available on Aimbot Download.

Featuring our incredible ‘human mimic’ engine, which obscures the activity of the aimbot by applying human-like movement mechanics, our aimbot is not only undetectable by automated scripts but even through direct observation by humans or game moderators. You’ll just look like a professional player!

All our COD BO III aimbots come with the following features to get you up and owning in no time:

  • Undetectable Aimbot – Our Black Ops III Aimbot is completely undetectable and can automatically aim (and kill) enemies as soon as they come into range.
  • Anti-Detection Hacks – By mimicking real human-like aiming and shooting behaviour, our COD aimbot is undetectable both to automated systems and to direct human observation
  • Wallhack Mode – Enabling the wallhack mode in our Call of Duty Black Ops III Aimbot lets you see through walls and objects to identify enemies, objects and other players with ease!
  • Anti-Friendly Fire – Worried about friendly fire? No problem, our aimbot download automatically avoids any friendly fire by prohibiting trigger actions when an enemy is within your target hitbox
  • Glowing ESP and Hitbox Display – By rendering hitboxes and glowing ESP fields around enemies and objects, you’ll be able to easily identify enemies from across the map so you can put them down before they even have a chance to get close
  • Zombie Mode – If you prefer zombies to multiplayer then you’ll love the zombie mode. Automatically purchase perks and money boosts while you play to keep you one step ahead at all times.
Call of Duty Black Ops III Aimbot

Our Call of Duty Black Ops III Aimbot features a whole host of other great functionality such as ESP and item detection (shown above) to get you up and owning in no time

Our Call of Duty Black Ops III Aimbot is hugely popular and we’re happy to say that, as with all aimbot downloads here, it’s completely undetectable – now and forever!

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