Counter-Strike Global Offensive Aimbot

Our Counter Strike Global Offensive Aimbot utilizes the latest in cheat technology to ensure that you can easily dominate your enemies without drawing suspicion as an aimbot user!

Our CS:GO aimbots feature all of these game cheats and, as always, are 100% VAC undetectable.

  • Undetectable Aimbot – Our Counter Strike Global Offensive Aimbot is built with deadliness and detection avoidance in mind. By hooking game internals directly via the source engine, our aimbot can mimic human-like aiming tendencies to auto-aim for enemies (headshots and body-shots) to ensure that every shot you take is on target.
  • Glowing ESP – By overlaying glowing ESP into your CS:GO environment, you can easily see enemies and items on the map, around corners, and even through walls.
  • Hitbox Display – Displaying an automatic hitbox over playing characters, you can see exactly where your shots will land in order to cause the most damage to your opponents.
  • Zoomable HUD Radar – The CS:GO radar is great, but our CS:GO aimbot comes with it’s very own hacked version. By overlaying enemy positions and more (like the bomb location) to your zoomable radar, you’ll be able to see exactly where your enemies are and stay one step ahead.
  • Crosshair Configuration – Modify the crosshair (including adding sniper-style crosshair to any gun) so you can make each shot count.
  • Anti-Recoil – Recoil is a bitch, we said it. Our aimbot removes all recoil seamlessly from weapons in a completely non-detectable way (it will still show for observers)
  • Wallhack – God mode. See through any walls, see your enemies, items – even shoot through destructible terrain automatically (eg, wood) by combining the automatic wallhack with our aimbot download
  • Automatic Enemy Detection – Can’t be bothered to click fire? No worries, our aimbot takes care of it all for you and can even automatically fire on tracked enemies once they come into range
  • Anti-Friendly Fire – Unlike most other aimbots, our aimbot automatically prohibits firing on teammates to ensure that there are no ‘friendly fire’ issues while you dominate the other team!
Counter Strike Global Offensive Aimbot

Our Counter Strike Global Offensive Aimbot utilizes a whole bunch of other awesome functionality to keep you top of the leaderboard like distance ESP, anti-flashbang, and much more.

If you’re looking for an undetectable Counter Strike Global Offensive Aimbot, you’ve come to the right place.

So what are you waiting for? Download our aimbot today!

How do I get the aimbot running?

Don’t worry! All of the cheats available for download on AimbotsDownload include a guide showing you exactly how to go from download to getting up and running owning noobs ASAP. In general, it’s usually as simple as just unzipping the download, running the aimbot, and loading the game!

Some aimbots will include their own specific customization choices (for example, specifying whether you want to go for headshots or bodyshots, or alternative hotkeys for toggling some of the ESP functionality, etc) but this is all explained in the guide and is very simple to understand.

You’ll be up and running within minutes – so what are you waiting for?

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