Overwatch 2 – Here’s Everything That Matters

What kind of world will it be without heroes? Overwatch 2 was recently announced on stage at the Blizzcon opening ceremony. And from the look of things, there won’t be any shortage of heroes, at least not for Overwatch fans.

What’s New?

Overwatch 2 will contain all original modes, maps, and heroes. Plus, a brand new six versus six, player versus player mode named Push. In this mode, each of the teams will escort a robot into their opponent’s territory. The team that pushes the robot furthest wins the match. The push mode will be open in both competitive, casual mode, and will be part of next year’s Overwatch League.

Their game director Jeff Kaplan spoke onstage at the Blizzcon and further added that there would be plenty of PvE content, which would also include plenty of “story experience”. The Story Missions will enable players to place themselves in the roles of Overwatch team members. They will be a part of four-player teams and cooperate on missions versus Omnic forces.

Overwatch 2 Skins

Alongside numerous new functionality and gameplay modes, Overwatch 2 also features a wide array of new playable characters and character skins. We can’t wait to see what new abilities the new characters have!

Hero Missions will be about various types of experience in which players will be able to increase their character’s level and earn customization options. That way, the heroes will feature new abilities and will be much stronger. For example, Reinhardt’s Fire Strike will be so improved that it will able to ignite all close by enemies.

What does this mean for players of the original game?

Sequels make gamers doubtful and somewhat nervous. That’s because, in the past, many sequels didn’t meet the expectations of the fans of the original game. But, from the look of things, Overwatch 2 is nothing like that, and there isn’t much to worry about.

Again, Kaplan has cleared the air, explaining that all original players will get to play on the same multiplayer platform as the new players, and no one will be left behind. All Overwatch players will get to play on the same maps and get to enjoy a massively expanded world with all heroes at disposal to every player. All progress from Overwatch will be part of the new Overwatch 2. That makes it a win-win situation for everyone.

A Touch of the Modern

The brand-new visual style is a work of art and very appealing. The new touch is apparent, but at the same time, the old spirit of the original game is the driving force. It makes the game work on so many levels.

The fact that Overwatch players are enabled to battle against Overwatch 2 players in the PvP mode only adds up to the overall visual appeal. From the look of things, Overwatch 2 is about to open the door to some new and exciting rivalries.

The Difference Maker

The new maps, a bigger world, new heroes, new modes, all that is great and is something that can bring new in the Overwatch universe. However, the game developers are secretly smiling about the new AI that has been incorporated in the game, and that will increase the “smartness” of the game.

There are some rumors and unconfirmed talks from developers that spoke of some “highly – replayable” missions that players will love. If they are really good or just overzealous reactions from a bunch of developers to push their product, only time will tell.

Also, Overwatch 2 new engine upgrades are quite significant. That’s the true power behind all the massive expansions of new maps, features, and visual enhancements.

Overwatch Aimbots

Although Overwatch 2 hasn’t yet been released, we are already preparing ourselves for creation of an Overwatch 2 Aimbot. Our undetectable Overwatch aimbot is a huge fan favorite, and we will be doing everything possible to ensure that we’re ready to release an incredible Overwatch 2 aimbot as soon as one is available for the game.

For those unfamiliar with aimbots, they typically offer “cheat” abilities such as ESP (the ability to see through walls and identify players and items across the map) along with the classic aimbot functionality that they’re best known for (automatically tracking and killing enemies).

Overwatch Aimbot

Alongside aimbot functionality, the Overwatch aimbot available for download offers a huge range of other options including ESP and lag reduction. We’re working on preparing to produce an Overwatch 2 aimbot as soon as release!


Fans of the original Overwatch series don’t have to worry about what Overwatch 2 will bring to the table. You don’t need to bother if it honors the original game, what that means for the well-established community, and so on.

Considering that they have left no stone unturned and covered all grounds, there should be no concerns about the game. Even the regular haters seem quiet and have nothing to say or make some gloomy predictions about the future of the game.

All in all, the new massive engine, the incorporated AI, the new features, the visual style, all feels like another great job done by Blizzard. Success is almost a sure thing, but how big is another matter to predict.

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