PUBG Aimbots

PUBG Aimbots is where you’ll find all our undetectable cheats for Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). These cheats will automatically aim and kill enemies for you, so you’ll start racking up massive kill streaks in every game without having to put in the effort of becoming a pro gamer! We check all our aimbots automatically so you know that they’ll be working perfectly and in order to keep you safe from all detection scripts.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds was developed and released in 2017 before rapidly becoming one of the most popular games played online in the world today, with millions of users across a huge variety of gaming systems. One of the proud ‘original’ battle royale style games, PUBG is immensely popular with growing popularity almost on a daily basis.

Although great care has been taken to try and automatically detect aimbots, all of the PUBG aimbots available on AimbotsDownload are checked automatically and using regular statistical ban sampling to guarantee that you won’t be banned for using the aimbots available.

Aimbots have been rampant in PUBG for quite some time now, so what are you waiting for? Check out the video above (from 2017 no less) and you’ll see how long people have been leveraging cheats while playing Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Ever wondered how it was that you’d always get pwned by people over and over again making seemingly impossible shots? Well, you’ve figured it out – they’re cheating.

If you can’t beat them, why not join them? Grab one of the latest PUBG aimbots from Aimbot Download and join the winning side for once – you’ll be up and running in minutes and pwning noobs left right and centre. Getting started with these aimbots is simple – just verify that you’re human (to avoid cheat detection) and download the aimbot, then start it running and load the game. Before you know it you’ll be wrecking the enemy left right and centre.

How you chose to use the aimbots is up to you – if you’d prefer just to run absolute rampage on a server then we won’t stop you, or if you’d prefer to toggle it on every now and then that’s your choice. We just provide the aimbots, we don’t tell you how to use them!

Will these PUBG aimbots be detected?

Absolutely not! Utilizing a combination of manual detection and sample analysis using automatic statistical methods allows us to make sure that these aimbots will always remain undetected by the PUBG publishers, moderators, and game admins. We make sure that every single aimbot available on AimbotsDownload (not just for PUBG but for every other game too) is always the best, completely undetectable, cheat available anywhere online.