Rainbow Six Aimbots

Rainbow Six Aimbots is the world’s best repository for undetectable cheats, aimbots, and other hacks for Rainbow Six Siege. All the aimbots available to download here (and on the whole of AimbotsDownload) are checked to ensure they are undetectable and working with full functionality.

Our Rainbow Six aimbot is confirmed working with the latest seasons of Rainbow Six up to and including 2019 and leaked 2020 content!

Famous games studio Ubisoft created Rainbow Six Siege in 2015 as the latest addition to the famous “Rainbow Six” franchise which has been spanning almost two decades! Since the original Rainbow Six was released on PS1 back in 1999, there has been a strong desire for aimbots for the game – especially since the more recent releases of Rainbow Six Vegas / Vegas 2.

With the release of Rainbow Six Siege, the aimbot scene began to flourish, and you’ll be able to find brilliant, undetectable and functional cheats which suit every requirement you have. With a diverse range of features, Rainbow Six aimbots have grown hugely in popularity to the point where there have even been rumors of their usage in the professional scene!

Rainbow Six Aimbot

Automatic ESP mode available in our Rainbow Six Aimbot will display enemies, health and hitboxes through the entire map, including straight through walls!

Like most aimbots available for download on AimbotsDownload, our Rainbow Six aimbots are no different and feature a vast array of features combined with simple-to-use instructions and of course, complete undetectability.

Will this Rainbow Six aimbot be detected?

When it comes to downloading an aimbot, or any cheat for a game at all, detection is your number one concern. Sure, it’s fun pwning a server, but it’s a lot less fun if you get banned two minutes later. As such, we know that the most important consideration for you is ensuring that your cheats and aimbots are completely undetectable and we take great care to ensure that the cheats we have available for download are completely undetectable from day 1.

What features does our Rainbow Six aimbot have?

After ensuring new features that are developed are completely undetectable, they are added to our Rainbow Six aimbot. This ensures that there is always a huge range of undetectable features in our hacks and you’re always getting the best and top features available.

There are a wide array of features, but here are the most popular from our Rainbow Six aimbot:

  • ESP
    • Wallhack mode
    • Enemy chams
  • Automatic Aimbot
    • Point and shoot mode with automatic enemy tracking
    • Automatic kill mode (including headshots and bodyshots)
    • Subtle “aim assist” mode
    • Center-of-mass auto-aim
    • Full automatic target tracking

Just like all aimbots we have available to download on AimbotsDownload, our Rainbow Six aimbot is also completely undetectable and verified working with latest releases.